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Reptiles for sale. All reptiles are vertebrates, breathe with lungs, and have dry, scaly skin. Reptiles lay eggs that have a dry leathery shell. Unlike amphibians, which lay eggs with a jelly coat that must remain in water, reptiles are less dependent on water. over earth’s history they have been an extremely diverse and successful group even today they are a very successful group they occupy a great variety of terrestrial habitats in some habitats such as deserts they are the dominant vertebrate group some have even returned to an aquatic lifestyle in oceans and freshwaters

• Basic Reptile Types – Turtles are the only reptiles that have their “houses” on their backs. – Lizards have visible, moving eyelids, limbs, and an ear opening on each side of their head. – Snakes lack limbs, eyelids, and ear openings. – Crocodilians include alligators, as well as crocodiles. They are the most ancestral of the reptiles.

The majority of reptiles are predators, some of which exhibit extremely narrow and specific diet specializations. As is the case with amphibians, there is, in many species of reptiles, a strong behavioral bias towards movement in the recognition of their prey, and an aversion to feeding on dead animals. The nutritional requirements of reptiles are not well understood, although a number of recent reviews have dealt with the health aspects of these topics. At present, the poverty of reliable information on reptile nutritional requirements and feeding behavior is such that they probably rarely receive either properly balanced or adequately varied diets in captivity. Most reptile species will require live foods that are either the same as, or closely resemble their natural foods. Food should be offered between once and three times weekly in most cases, and the animal should be fed to satiation at each feeding. 

An integral theme of my educational efforts is that every species has a role in the ecosystem. This means, for example, that there is no such thing as a “bad snake.” However, we all know people who are fearful of snakes, and some are adamant about killing venomous species. We should, therefore, work to be available and able to quickly and correctly identify harmless species for these folks, thereby reducing the casualty rate as much as possible. We should strive to partake in Conservation Through Education, gradually but consistently increasing in others the perceived value of the natural world. 

Plants and animals do not have a voice that most people understand. It is up to us to make a conscious choice to be that voice. We must work to preserve as much of this world’s biodiversity as we can—for the critters’ sake and our own.

RILEY’S reptile breeding facility is a state of the art reptile breeding facility where we breed reptiles for wholesale to pet stores, private sales and export. As industry leaders we are passionate about our reptiles and their care, well-being and hygiene is very important to us and is the back bone of our success. Through over 20 years of captive breeding reptiles we have established a collection of high quality reptiles that we are proud of. We have a wide variety of quality, captive bred reptiles for sale that are advertised under the livestock section on our website.

At RILEY’S REPTILES we pride ourselves on the health of our reptiles and in doing this one of the most important things is what we feed them. This is why we have a large facility where we breed all the feeder foods for our reptiles, ensuring that we are feeding our reptiles the best quality food. This includes mealworms, super worms crickets, roaches and rodents.

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Reptiles for sale​

Reptiles for sale

Reptiles for sale​

It’s no secret that turtles and tortoises are some of the most endearing critters on Earth. Even people terrified by snakes or lizards often love turtles, and there are good reasons for this. Turtles are beautiful and unassuming. Even seemingly-fearsome snapping turtles do their best to avoid confrontation, rarely exiting their homes in the water. Videos of baby sea turtles dashing madly towards the sea grip the hearts of all but the most cynical among us. The sobering fact of the matter, though, is that turtles are facing unprecedented levels of pressure from human activity and are among the most threatened of animal orders on the planet.

In the U.S., we usually call aquatic species turtles and terrestrial animals tortoises. However, many other cultures have those definitions reversed. For this reason, naturalists often refer to them as a group by the scientific term chelonians (or sometimes testudines). Chelonians are reptiles with four legs and a tail and can be terrestrial, aquatic, or ocean-dwelling. Arid-land-dwelling species are mostly herbivores, while aquatic and semi-aquatic species are typically more omnivorous

Lizards display so much diversity that it is almost hard to believe one name applies to them all. Many lizards, such as the Little Brown Skinks in the U.S. and the Pygmy Chameleons of the African forests, are so tiny that they make a blade of grass look huge in comparison.

With all this diversity, forming a concise description of lizards is a challenge. Nonetheless, we can say that they are ectotherms (animals that do not generate significant amounts of heat internally) that belong to the order Squamata (scaled reptiles) and make up over two dozen families which include several thousand species. We can say that they typically have four legs, eyelids, and external “ears” (tympanic membranes, technically), all of which are absent in snakes. While lizards are overwhelmingly harmless to humans, some large species can inflict damage; at least two, the Gila Monsters and Beaded Lizards of the U.S. and Mexico, are venomous.

Colder zones typically have fewer and smaller species, in part because reptile metabolism is relative to temperatures. Australia has the most lizard diversity of any continent by far, which is not surprising, considering the landscape there.

Most people have an opinion about snakes, good or bad. The cry, “Snake!” will send some people running away and others running closer to get a glimpse. Many snakes (and animals that resemble them) are killed daily, purely from human ignorance. Naturalists who try to educate people are told that they “just don’t understand” that people need to “protect their kids and pets” and “have to kill snakes” so they don’t “poison somebody,” or that snakes “chase people.” Of course, none of that is correct. While, logically, the concept that merely lacking appendages makes an organism somehow sinister or aggressive seems laughable, it is no laughing matter that people are intentionally eradicating these beneficial organisms. So, what is a snake? Snakes are reptiles that are covered in scales. They lack arms, legs, eyelids, and external ear openings. The degree to which snakes hear is a debated topic, but they do possess an internal ear structure, and can surely at least hear low-frequency sounds. They have forked tongues, which collect particles in the air for smelling instead of tasting.

The simple fact is—snakes are a part of the environment. Even if someone does not feel shame at needlessly killing wildlife (which they should), doing so is a waste of effort. Killing such a predator causes a spike in prey populations, prompting another snake to take its place.


reptiles for sale
reptiles for sale
reptiles for sale
reptiles for sale
reptiles for sale
Reptiles for sale

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I received my baby alligator today and I could not be happier with it. It was in amazing shape. It took no time to settle in, and has already had its first meal. It is so docile. Thank you so much for this great day. You guys rock.
Jason Doyon
Hello I received my red uromastyx this morning and they are beautiful. They look very healthy and have very bright colors. I plan on doing business with Riley reptiles again. Once again they look perfect. Thank you.
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Hillary Shuert

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