Is It Safe To Dress Up My Reptile For Halloween?

Part of the fun of Halloween involves dressing up all family members, pets included. But is it safe to dress up your herp for this holiday?

While it’s highly appealing to dress your reptile, amphibian or even tarantula in a cute costume for Halloween, it might not be the best idea to do so. Whether or not your pet is suited for playing dress up depends upon your pet’s species, individual personality, and consistent level of human interaction. It’s ultimately a matter of personal discretion and judgement.

There are some species that will tolerate wearing a Halloween costume better than others. These are typically lizards and snakes that are used to being taken out of their cage and have been captive bred.

Bearded dragons, leopard geckos, Savannah monitors and iguanas that have been socialized are all usually agreeable when it comes to getting dressed up.

Ball pythons, corn snakes and boa constrictors are usually bred in captivity and therefore tend to be used to human care and handling. This means that they are good pet reptiles to wear simple costumes for Halloween.


Is It Safe To Dress Up My Reptile For Halloween?

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