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Bearded dragons for sale near me. An extinct lizard species that originated in the central Australian deserts is the bearded dragon. The term “beard” describes a skin flap under the chin that they stretch when startled. They typically have calm dispositions and seem to like interacting with people.

The tendency of adult male bearded dragons to puff or flare out the skin beneath their throats, often darkening the skin to a black color, which resembles a beard, is how they got the name “Bearded Dragon.” Adult male bearded dragons can be aggressive and should be housed separately. Avoid housing various reptile species together. Diurnal reptiles are awake during the day and asleep at night.
Omnivorous diet; maximum size of 24 inches; life expectancy of 3 to 10 years

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By far, the most popular pet lizard in captivity today is the bearded dragon. Their popularity as pets is due to a variety of factors. They are quite docile, simple to handle, and diurnal, so they are active and look wonderful in a display setup during the day. They are one of the most prolific breeders among all the agama species, therefore breeding them is rather straightforward and easy, which has led to their abundance as a result of being such common lizards! This article looks at many considerations you should make before deciding to breed your bearded dragons, as well as how to breed them.

When raised quickly in breeding facilities, bearded dragons have been reported to begin reproducing as young as five to six months old. By the time they are a year old, they may be able to produce up to three clutches every year. Under normal circumstances, maturity occurs between the ages of twelve and fifteen months, with the first eighteen months of life seeing the production of about three clutches. After the second winter shutdown, up to seven clutches can be produced, and in their third year, only three to four clutches will be produced. These lizard species that mature swiftly tend to exhibit this pattern frequently. For the first two to three years, the females are extremely prolific breeders, and then their egg production steadily decline. Bearded dragons for sale near me

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