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Iguana For Sale.  Riley’s Reptile offers a vast varity of lizards from across the globe. Some of the species offered for sale below were produced by us while others were produced by contacts of ours that specialize in specific species. Still others are carefully collected from the wild utilizing the upmost care to not damage the animal or ecosystem it was collected from. Bright green, red, dark green, or blue are just a few of the hues that the Iguanas can be. If properly cared for, these lizards can reach lengths of 4-6′ and have a lifespan of more than 15 years. The Green Iguana may occasionally bobble its head from side to side to communicate with you. You shouldn’t be shocked if your iguana sneezes! They employ this method to remove extra salt from their bodies. A happy, healthy Green Iguana has clear eyes, a rounded, full tail and body, good-looking skin, a clean vent and nose, is active, generally alert, attentive, and attracted by human activity, and is a frequent feeder. To make sure, please call the store in advance before you leave.

Iguana For Sale Diet

Iguanas need a well-balanced diet that consists largely of leafy, dark green vegetables like fresh turnip or collard greens, a few other vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, and carrots, and a few fruits like bananas, strawberries, and grapes. To make them tiny enough for the lizard to eat, these should all be cut or torn. Additionally, they’ll consume commercial pellet iguana food. Water that is both fresh and dechlorinated should always be available. The iguana benefits from calcium and vitamin supplements as well.

Are Iguanas Right for Me

This lizard can become rather docile and relaxed around people with routine, daily handling. The Green Iguana may occasionally bobble its head to speak with you! Males are typically peaceful and amiable, but some of them may exhibit territorial behavior. This pet might be ideal for you if you’re seeking for a long-term companion that, despite possibly requiring a lot of upkeep and care, is incredibly fulfilling and offers a special pet parenting experience, especially for a reptile. Iguana For sale

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