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Tortoise For Sale. Riley’s reptiles most popular species of Tortoises are the Red Foot Tortoise and the Russian Tortoise.  The Red Foot and Russian Tortoises greatly enjoy burrowing and exploring their environments.  They have a hard, dome-shaped outer shell and are meant for drier environments. Additionally, they need to be immersed in water on a weekly basis, with the water level never going higher than halfway up the tortoise’s shell. The shell and skin of a happy, healthy tortoise look good, and it is quite active and awake most of the time. It also has bright, clear eyes and a clean vent and nose. These tortoises can reach lengths of 6–8″ and have astounding lifespans of 50 years or more! Please give the store you want to visit a call in advance to make sure they have turtles for sale there.

Tortoise for sale Diet

Red Foot and Russian Tortoises need a balanced diet that is primarily vegetarian, high in fiber and calcium, low in protein and fat. They primarily consume chopped dark, leafy vegetables and greens like squash and carrots, with the odd pleasure of fruit. Additionally, although only as a quarter of their total diet, they can be given commercial tortoise food. There should always be access to fresh, dechlorinated water as well as calcium and multivitamin tablets.

A Red Foot and Russian Tortoise’s habitat should be at least a 36″ by 12″ inside enclosure, or at least 48″ square if it’s outside. For sunlight, a tightly-fitting screen lid is required, and the walls should be high enough to prevent the tortoise from escaping. Due to the possibility of them escaping while excavating, outdoor barriers should be sunk at least 1′ deep into the ground. Your tortoise’s substrate must be edible because they will occasionally consume it, like alfalfa pellets. Tortoise for sale

Are Tortoise Good as Pets?

The Red Foot or Russian Tortoise can be the ideal pet for you if you’re seeking for a very sociable, outgoing, hypoallergenic animal. These tortoises are ideal for someone who wants a lifelong, housebound, cold-blooded pet (at least not very quickly). If you are unable to own a dog or cat, they make fantastic companions!

These tortoises can be gently handled on a regular basis and will become docile. These tortoises have the capacity to become domesticated and will eventually develop strong social skills. With a long lifespan, the Red Foot or Russian Tortoise is a reptile buddy for life. However, keep in mind that every reptile has the potential to transmit diseases like Salmonella, so it’s imperative to always wash your hands after handling your pet or any things in its environment. Tortoise for sale

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