Ball python for sale


  • Ball Python (Python regius)
  • Sex: Female
  • Traits: Bongo (NEW!) (Co-Dominant); Fire (Co-Dominant); Butter (Co-Dominant)
  • Birth Date: 3rd of May 2022
  • Weight: 150grams
  • ID Number: UEBUBOFI2201


Ball python for sale | Ball python for sale near me

Ball Python for sale are one of the most common snake species kept in captivity. These beautiful small pythons have become increasingly popular and many different morphs are currently being bred in captivity. Ball Pythons make some of the best pet snakes in captivity due to their docile nature, stout body and beautiful colour morphs. Pythons, and the Ball Python in particular, are widely recognized for their ability to curl themselves into a tight ball. The Ball Python and the Blood Python are the two most well-liked python species at Uncle Bill’s Pet Centers. Beautiful swirling patterns in shades of brown, orange, red, yellow, and black may be seen on them. However, a snake’s eyes will turn milky and blue or gray as it prepares to shed, and its body will take on a whitish hue.

Avoid handling the snake while it is shedding since it could become agitated during this time. A happy, healthy Python has clean eyes (unless when shedding), is alert and typically active, has skin that looks healthy, sheds regularly and will do so in one piece, and eats regularly. If properly cared for, these snakes can live an incredible 30 years and reach lengths of up to 4-5 feet.

Ball Python For Sale Diet

Pythons love to eat frozen, thawed, warmed, and even live rodents.  If feeding live rodents, though, it is best not to leave the two parties unattended for the rodent may fight back and injure the snake.  Young snakes will eat 1-2 times a week while adults will eat every 1-2 weeks.  Remember to feed the Python in a separate container so that it may not associate your hand or an open enclosure with food.  Also, it is important to carefully monitor feeding during its shed, as it may cause unnecessary stress to your Python

Are Ball Pythons a Good Pet to Own

As long as handling is kept to a minimum, the majority of pythons do not dislike it. They are just laid back and prefer to relax; they are neither particularly nice nor hostile. However, bear in mind that any reptile has the potential to spread illnesses like Salmonella, so washing your hands after handling your pet or any components of its habitat is imperative. Small children and expectant women shouldn’t handle these pets or the things or chemicals that go with them because of this. Otherwise, this snake can be the appropriate choice for you if you want to take care of a rather large and peaceful snake like the Python and are prepared to commit to taking care of a long-term pet. They are interesting to watch and feed, and can be great cold-blooded companions. Ball Python For Sale

Ball python for sale


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