Bumble Bee Pied Ball Pythons


Ball Pythons are beautiful, easy to care for and easy to handle, making them one of the most popular snake species with reptile hobbyists.

  • At Big Apple Pet Supply, we sell only Captive Bred Ball Pythons.
  • Reaches full adult size of 3 to 5 feet in approximately 18 months.
  • Sturdy and long lived – more than 15 years in captivity.
  • Handles extremely well after acclimation.
  • Great snake species for kids (supervised) and loved by adults.
  • Available in over 50 subspecies and color morphs.
  • Unless otherwise noted, picture and video shown are a representation of this animal. As this is a live animal, there will be aesthetic variations.
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Bumble Bee Pied Ball Pythons

Bumble Bee Pied Ball Pythons

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