Canadian Nightcrawlers


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Canadian Nightcrawlers

Real Canadian Nightcrawlers (the only kind we carry) are one of the most balanced feeder choices. While they are low in fat they yield immense nutritional characteristics. A favorite of frogs and toads but so many other reptiles love them too!

Nightcrawler Care:
When first received remove the ice pack and let them sit in the refrigerator for 24 hours. After 24 hours transfer them to any container that you have lined with 1 to 2 pages of newspaper or several paper towels. Put the soil in and then place the worms back on top of the soil. Refrigerate at approximately 40 degree Fahrenheit and check in 24 hours that the worms have gone into the soil. Once completed they will keep for 3 weeks. Note that should you see them on top of the soil you need to change with new soil.

Canadian Nightcrawlers

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