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Crickets are superb source of moisture & protein for a wide variety of reptiles, amphibians, small animals and birds. One of the great things about crickets is they are easy to “gut-load” with calcium and other powered vitamins.

Cricket Care:
One thousand crickets require something around a 10-gallon aquarium size. For bedding using egg crates and orchid bark is optimal. We recommend multiple places for hiding. Make sure to clean the enclosure at least once a week!

Temperature range for crickets is best at 70°-75°F day and night . Outside of these temps cricket metabolism and immune systems do not function ideally.

We recommend a damp sponge in a water bowl or fruit like apple slices or peach to keep them hydrated. Make sure to check on this source every day.

Basic Analysis:
Moisture: 78% Protein: 16% Fat: 4% Fiber: 2%


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Adults 1000, Adults 2000, Half grown 1000, Half grown 2000, 2 weeks 2000


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