Mexican alligator Lizard (Abronia Graminea)


  • Abronia graminea

    Captive Bred

    Roughly 6 Inches In Total Length

    Special Pattern On The Back Of This Young Girl

    This Variety Of Alligator Lizard Is Known For Their Deep Forest Green Coloration

    Benefiting from Vitamin Dusted Crickets And Meal Worms


Mexican alligator lizard For Sale

The Mexican alligator lizard (Abronia graminea) is also often known as the green arboreal alligator lizard. This is an endangered species that can be found in areas of Mexico such as Oaxaca, Veracruz and Puebla. Because this is an endangered creature, it is important to purchase your lizard from a very reputable dealer. It was originally described under the genus Gerrhonotus as Gerrhonotus gramineus. The Mexican alligator lizard adopts an arboreal lifestyle and is commonly found inhabiting the bromeliads among mesic cloud or pine-oak forest canopies. This habitat offers a humid temperate climate with summer rains. The preferred diet of this species is a variety of insects. Colour patterns of the Mexican alligator lizard can range from bright emerald green to dark teal blue; juvenile colouration is a tan ground colour with dark crossbands. Mexican alligator lizard For Sale

About The Specie

Decline of the species is mainly the result of habitat fragmentation due to fire, deforestation, and land use change for agriculture. Illegal trafficking for the pet trade has also contributed to the status of this species.

Mexican alligator lizards are easily one of our favorite reptiles. This beautiful species looks great in pictures, but seeing them in person is something else entirely!

There are many people who agree with us, which is why these lizards are quite popular. But be warned, owning one requires a bit of experience. Mexican alligator lizard For Sale

Appearance & Colors Of Mexican Alligator Lizard

These gorgeous lizards are best known for their bright green skin, eye color variations and prehensile tails. Their clearly defined scales give them a very unique and textured look that many people absolutely love.

Abronia graminea also have very personable and expressive faces. The white patch around their eyes makes it look like they’re studying you.

Because they spend much of their time in trees, they have strong legs and toes that are perfect for climbing. They have a fairly thick tail that can be used for counterbalancing to assist them while they’re in trees as well.

Mexican alligator Lizard (Abronia Graminea)

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