Reptiles that can live together

Most pet snakes should live alone, with a few exceptions. Bullsnakes can sometimes live with pine or rat snakes. Also, certain species of poisonous frogs can be housed together, and snakes who live in branches, such as the green tree python, won’t likely compete for space with aquatic animals in a very large enclosure.


Ultimately, there are number of considerations before putting two species together, including the size of the enclosure, habitat requirements, and the gender and size of the reptiles. Watch reptiles carefully for any signs of aggression and be prepared to move them to another habitat immediately. Note that reptiles who live together well at first might turn on each other over time.

Housing different reptile species

Can you put a frog and a bearded dragon together? No. A bearded dragon will likely eat a frog alive, and frogs have parasites that can kill a bearded dragon. Also, these two species have different habitat requirements. Climate and parasites are two key issues when you’re considering housing two different reptiles together, even cute snake species that might look beautiful intermixed.


Research what climate the reptiles require in the wild — dry and hot or tropical and moist? Desert animals, for instance, must be housed with other desert animals. Clearly, you can’t create two different habitats in one enclosure. Also, know whether either species potentially carries diseases that can be transferred to the other and avoid putting those reptiles together.

Housing the same reptile species

If you have a large enough enclosure — consult reptile pet stores for size suggestions — there are some reptile species that can live with their own kind provided that the mix is one male and one or more females or only females. Those who can live with their own species successfully include young bearded dragons, garter snakes, monkey-tail skinks, shingleback skinks, and some aquatic turtles, like sliders and cooters.

Reptiles that can live together

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